Forestdale Heights Lodge
January 2018 Meeting

The first meeting of 2018, on Monday, January 8, started with an interesting speaker, discussing a timely and important topic that affects everyone. Unfortunately, only six members came out to hear former Lodge member Lloyd Lindsay speak about Technology & Security.

Lindsay is a life member of CPA Ontario, a CA, a Licensed Public Accountant, and a Certified Management Consultant. In 1983, he joined the Toronto Texas Instrument 9T9 Users Group and in 1987, Lindsay joined the Personal Computer Club of Toronto. In 2012, Lindsay joined the Durham PC Users group.

Lindsay explained that everything is computerized in today’s digital age. As a result, we are more vulnerable to digital attacks than ever before.

He said that while the Internet is a powerful tool, the fact that is so easy to use, is free and fast means that it can pose real dangers. The relative ease means that if you click on a wrong item without a proper review, you can lose valuable data.

Lindsay said that hackers are out there, looking to steal your identity. Who are these hackers, he asked. In many cases, they are not just kids, but organized crime.

Discussing the safe use of e-mails, Lindsay said that we should never trust unexpected e-mails or those from unknown sources. He also discussed malware entry points, which include floppy disks, DVDs and USBs.

Talking about routers and modems, he said that the former is a very important tool for Internet safety. He said that quite often, the two are housed in one unit, but if not, routers should be considered essential equipment, calling them the first line of defence.

Once you do get one, he said the first order of business is change the default password and create a new, strong password. He added that it is also important to disable the remote administration.

An unprotected computer can be compromised in 30 minutes, he explained.

Lindsay also discussed the availability of fake apps, which he said are the biggest security threat, and WiFi wireless networks. When using these networks, he said that no one should use the default name and password or a name that can identify you. As well, no one should log into a banking website or PayPal from a public WiFi network.

Overall, to protect oneself from online attacks, he said people should install all available updates as new threats keep popping up every day. party.

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