Forestdale Heights Lodge
Chanukah Party 2017

Who knew a dreidel could stop in mid-twirl and reverse direction. Actually, it canít; itís simply an optical illusion caused by a certain type of overhead lighting. However, this novelty proved to be the entertainment portion at this yearís Lodge Chanukah Party.

For the second consecutive year, members of Forestdale Heights Lodge gathered at the home of Mark and Marla Spergel on December 9 for some great food, interesting conversation, and entertainment.

The evening started with all gathered sitting around the fireplace enjoying noshes. Like last yearís party, everyone sat round the dining room table, enjoying BBQ salmon, grilled veggies and, of course, latkes complete with applesauce and sour cream. Then it was time for the desserts, which included cake, Chanukah cookies and grapes.

One of the highlights of the evening though came after Cathy Indig spun a dreidel. The top spun and, suddenly appeared to stop, and reversed direction. Even when Mark Spergel explained that the illusion was due to the dining room lighting, everyone sat transfixed. Only when a few members shone the light from their cellphones on the dining room table did the illusion vanish.

After much discussion around the dining room table, Rosalie Moscoe brought out her ukulele and provided musical entertainment.

Special thanks once again to the Spergels for hosting this social gathering, which included Stewart and Cathy Indig, Harvey and Debbi Silver, Ray and Rosalie Moscoe, Ruth Pupko, Lisa and myself. Thanks also to all those who helped plan this yearís shindig. We look forward to great things in 2018 and next yearís party.

Jeff Rosen

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